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Blake & Co


Are the playmats waterproof?

Yes of course! They are made from XPE foam and are easily wipeable

How do I clean the playmat?

The playmats can be hoovered for any little bits & can also be wiped down with soap & water or light anti-bacterial sprays. 

Where can the mats be used?

The playmats can  be used inside or out. If using outside, make sure to keep away from any sharp or uneven surfaces.
The mats are great for hard wooden or tiled floors for a safe play space, and can also be used on carpet .

What makes Blake & Co mats different?

We wanted to make aesthetically pleasing playmats for the modern home without spending hundreds of pounds. Our mats are also 1.5cm thick, compared to the average of 0.5-1cm thick ones currently available, so we are stylish & comfy!

What is the delivery time?

Playmats: We aim to have your order delivered within 5 working days, this can vary. 

Are the mats pet friendly? 

Any furry friends with sharp claws or prone to biting things should be kept away if possible. Although the mats are durable, they are not totally pet proof!

Can furniture be placed on the mat?

We don’t recommend placing heavy furniture on the mat as it may permanently indent them. Light toys etc should be fine, but we recommend moving this about to stop any indents being permanent. Do not drag anything across the mats that may cause them to rip.